Golf Cart Vacation Rental Area Restrictions

North Myrtle Beach

1521 Edge Drive (not allowed)

A Place at the Beach II, 5001 N Ocean Blvd (not allowed during summer months)

Ashworth (must park across street; call the HOA at 843-449-6625 for current restrictions)

Atlantic Winds (not allowed)

Avista (not allowed to park in parking garage)

Bahama Sands (must park in golf cart parking at 14th Ave S beach access)

Barefoot North Tower (homeowners only)

Barefoot Resort (please review Barefoot Resort Community Restrictions; must have a garage to put the cart in; not allowed on the golf course; call the HOA at 843-272-8700 for current restrictions)

Barefoot Yacht Club (homeowners only)

Beach Cottages at OD (homeowners only)

Beachmaster (not allowed)

Beachwalk Villas (owners only)

Bermuda Run (not allowed)

Canvasback Condos (not allowed)

Carolina Keyes (must have garage to park cart in)

Chateau by the Sea (not allowed)

Cherry Grove Villas (not allowed)

Coastal Dunes (not allowed)

Cottages at Tilghman (must park in garage or $50 fine)

Crescent Keyes (cannot park in parking garage)

Crescent Shores (cannot park in parking garage)

Crescent Woods (homeowners only)

Fairway Oaks (not allowed)

Finestere (not allowed)

Grand Strand Resorts III (not allowed)

Hyperion Towers (not allowed)

Inlet Point Villas (not allowed)

Kings Grant Villas (only owners can rent)

Laguna Keyes (must park across street)

Malibu Pointe (not allowed in parking garage, but can park by road)

Mar Vista Grande (must park on level P4)

Mariner’s Way (not allowed)

Marsh Haven (not allowed)

Marsh Oaks (not allowed)

North Beach Plantation (not allowed)

North Beach Villas (not allowed)

North Myrtle Beach Golf & Tennis (only owners can rent)

North Myrtle Beach RV Resort & Dry Dock Marina (not allowed)

North Shore Villas (not allowed)

Ocean Bay Club (not allowed)

Ocean Breeze Luxury Villas (not allowed)

Ocean Creek (only approved homeowners; must be electric; call the HOA at 800-213-4366 for current restrictions)

Ocean Grove (not allowed, not even homeowners)

Ocean Keyes

Lakeside Villas (Buildings 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11) Anyone can rent a gas or electric golf cart as long as they store the cart in the garage.

Beach Villas (Buildings 15, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, and 29) Anyone can rent a gas powered golf cart and park in the spaces surrounding these buildings provided that they (1) do not park in the spaces directly in front of the building and (2) obtain a temporary parking pass from Ally Management located on site by the front gates M-F 9am-4:30pm. The passes are $10/week with a maximum of $25 for a month.

Seashore Villas (Buildings 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, and 46) Only homeowners are permitted to rent a gas powered golf cart. A golf cart pass must be obtained from the Golf Cart Committee (Faye: 336-972-3551)

Ocean Marsh (homeowners only, must be gas powered)

Ocean Pier I (not allowed)

Ocean Pointe (not allowed)

Ocean Shores (not allowed from April 1st – November 1st)

Ocean Towers (not allowed)

Oceans (not allowed)

Paradise Pointe (not allowed)

Pelican Manor (not allowed)

Pelican Motel (parking permit required from office on delivery)

Peppertree By the Sea (not allowed)

Pier Watch Villas (3400 N Ocean Blvd, oceanside, not allowed)

Raintree Villas (homeowners only)

Red Tree Inn (not allowed)

Sandwedge (not allowed)

Sea Cabin (not allowed)

Sea Cloisters I (not allowed)

Sea Farer (not allowed)

Sea Gardens (must park in patio area at night/cannot be in parking lot at night)

Sea Marsh I (not allowed)

Sea Pointe (not allowed)

Seven Oaks (not allowed, see notice)

Shalimar (not allowed)

Shorehaven (not allowed)

South Shore Villas (not allowed)

Spinnaker (must park in overflow parking area)

Spring Towers (not allowed)

Summer Place (not allowed)

Tidemaster (must park across street)

Tidewater Plantation (not allowed)

Tilghman Beach & Racquet Club (not allowed)

Tilghman Shores (not allowed)

Verandas (not allowed)

Waipani (homeowners only)

Water Pointe I (not allowed)

Waterway Landing (not allowed)

Wellington (homeowners only, must park across street)

Windcrest Villas (not allowed)

Windemere (not allowed)

Windy Hill Dunes (not allowed)

Xanadu III (must park across the street)

Xanadu II (not allowed)

Kings Rd. & Shore Dr.

  1. A Place At The Beach III (not allowed)
  2. Apache Campground (not allowed)
  3. Arcadian Dunes (homeowners only, gas powered only)
  4. Dunes Pointe (not allowed, but can park outside complex on side of road)
  5. Guest Cottages (not allowed)
  6. Heron Pointe (not allowed)
  7. Kingston Plantation (not allowed, call Litus HOA at 843-848-2916 for more information)
  8. Marsh Hills (not allowed)
  9. Myrtle Beach Travel Park (must have handicap tag; must be electric golf cart; please review MBTP Golf Cart Rules)
  10. Ocean Bridge (not allowed)
  11. Pelicans Landing/Watch (not allowed)
  12. Sands Ocean Club Resort (cannot park in parking garage)
  13. Seawatch Plantation (not allowed, they have a guard checking)
  14. Shipwatch Pointe (not allowed)
  15. Summertree Village (not allowed)

Myrtle Beach/Longs/Little River

Admiral Motor Inn (must get pass from front desk)

Beach Colony Resort (metered parking only)

Captain’s Quarters Resort (allowed, but must pay for parking)

Carolina Winds (metered parking only)

Compass Cove (not allowed)

Coral Beach Resort (allowed, but must register cart at front desk)

Cricket Cove (not allowed)

Forest Dunes (not allowed)

Grand Atlantic Ocean Resort (not allowed, although paid parking is available across the street)

Holiday Inn at the Pavilion (only allowed one parking pass)

Holiday Sands North ($30/week parking next door)

Holiday Towers (not allowed)

Hotel Blue (not allowed)

Latitude at the Commons (not allowed)

Myrtle Beach KOA (not allowed, security harasses delivery drivers)

Myrtle Beach State Park (need receipt to obtain golf cart pass from Ranger Station; review MBSP Rules; must deliver and pickup golf carts from the large parking lot at the top of the hill of campsite area)

Myrtle Beach Villas I & II (not allowed)

Magnolia Place at Myrtlewood Villas (not allowed)

Ocean Blue (not allowed)

Ocean Enclave by Hilton (charges $10 a day for parking)

Ocean Forest Plaza (not allowed)

Ocean Forest Villas (not allowed)

Palace Resort (not allowed)

Sea Mark Tower (not allowed)

Sheraton Broadway Plantation Resort Villas (not allowed)

South Wind on the Ocean Resort (not allowed)

Willow Tree RV Resort (allowed, but must let RV office know)

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