North Myrtle Beach Kayak Rentals

North Myrtle Beach's Best Kayak Rental Rates

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Find Out For Yourself Why Hog's Inlet In Cherry Grove Is Favorite Kayaking Spot In North Myrtle Beach.

Paddle in and around Hog’s Inlet from the Cherry Grove Boat Ramp in North Myrtle Beach. Lose yourself in the serenity and solitude our thriving ecosystem offers. Our kayaks are ready for you. 

Why us

We Have A Variety Of Kayak Rental Options To Suit Your Needs.

All of our kayaks are ocean sit on top kayaks best suited for the area. We have the kayaks waiting for you upon arrival at the Cherry Grove Boat Ramp in North Myrtle Beach for a 2 hour kayak rental. We only allow rentals to go out from the Cherry Grove Boat Ramp when the tides are best suited for kayaking. So please check our schedule for the times each day. 

Kayak With Trailblaze Adventure

Myrtle Beach Kayak Tours

Kayak Rental - Cherry Grove Boat Ramp

$ 35
2 Hour Rental
  • Includes Drop Off & Pick Up At Cherry Grove Boat Ramp
  • Includes Paddle & Life Jacket

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the tides and currents can change drastically depending on the time you are wanting to go kayaking. Certain times and tidal levels are better suited for certain locations. We want you to have the best and safest experience possible, so if you are not sure give us a call before booking and we will be happy to give you our best recommendations.

Yes and no, we take inexperienced and first time kayakers on our tours all the time and they do great and have a great experience. However, our tours are led by an experienced guide that is prepared to handle any situation. We highly recommend that if you are inexperienced, consider going on one of our guided tours. On our tours we can ensure your safety and give you a positive kayaking experience. Anyone that rents a kayak assumes all possible risks associated with kayaking.


Along with each kayak we include a paddle, life jacket, and whistle.

Please note that SC law requires each person to have a life jacket and whistle on the kayak at all times when on the water. Any child 13 years old or younger is required to wear their life jacket at all times when on the water. 

Yes, we do offer delivery. A delivery charge may be applied depending on the duration and where we will be delivering to. Call us and ask about our delivery options. 

Weather, 14 May
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High: +71° Low: +64°

Humidity: 63%

Wind: SSE - 11 MPH

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What Our Custumers say

Couple Sitting at Shack looking over the beautiful beach of Waities Island in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

My wife and I had a great time today. Keats was very patient with us as this was only our 2nd time out on a kayak. He was very knowledgeable and stayed right with us to make sure we were safe. Great time ! Highly recommend Trailblaze Adventure, couldn’t be happier!

Michael Quaglia

Couple Sitting on a beached ship on Waities Island in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Keats was a wonderful tour guide. We thoroughly enjoyed today’s Private Island Adventure tour and had a lot of fun! We highly recommend Trailblaze Adventure!!

Rick Pruden

Trailblaze Adventure