North Myrtle Beach Paddle Board Yoga

SUPY: Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Classes & Tours

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Trailblaze Adventure of North Myrtle Beach is happy to announce we will be offering stand up paddle board yoga classes this summer. 

SUPY (Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga) is a relatively new idea that joins the beauty of the outdoors with the calm and grounding nature of a yoga practices.

Some people that come to a SUPY class have practiced yoga before and may even be pretty good at it. Others approach SUPY as an opportunity to try something new because they love and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Whatever reason brings you to a Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga class, know that there are many benefits to a SUPY practice.

Adding yoga movement on a paddleboard will help strengthen your core, improve your balance, sharpen your focus and leave you feeling centered and calm. The paddle back after a SUPY class is often very quiet as the group reflects on the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment. It’s a blissful, peaceful feeling as we feel closer to nature and to our own selves with a renewed sense of appreciation for ourselves.

#1: And most importantly, it is FUN!

In SUPY as in yoga, the idea is not that you have to be “good’ at something or the ‘best” at something. It’s the idea that you have a willingness to learn something new . To experience something and be open to the experience it provides. SUPY is a great way to gain physical strength while having fun.

#2: Challenge & Improve Yourself Physically & Mentally

SUPY  is challenging. You will not be asked to do crazy poses, but instead we will explore what each of us is capable of trying.  Floating along the water provides an incredible sense of peace.

#3: Did we mention that it is FUN!

We encourage you to come with an open mind, a sense of adventure and most importantly a sense of humor as even the most seasoned of yogis will fall into the water at one time or another.

Scenic Paddle Board Yoga Tour

Our excellent guides and yoga instructor will take you on a relaxing and scenic paddle.  Once we reach our destination we will anchor for a yoga class on the board. No yoga experience necessary, just a desire to have fun and try new things. After class you will feel relaxed and peaceful as we paddle back to our home base.

Meet Your Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga Instructor


SUPY Instructor

Haileigh is a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified instructor. She discovered her passion for yoga asana while attending classes on campus at Coastal Carolina University. A variety of events throughout her life led her to expand her knowledge on yoga philosophy, and seek something larger than herself. You can anticipate a fun, accessible, and intentional class with Haileigh.

She loves grounding in nature and exploring the beautiful waterways of Myrtle beach. She believes there is something particularly special about paddle board yoga. “There is nothing like flowing on the board and gazing down to see jelly fish propelling through the water right beside you. The way the sun dances on your skin and the breeze moves as if it’s going through you. It is incredibly magical. Come and enjoy the sacred practice of yoga, while being connected to Mother Earth. Let’s take a deep breath together, and explore the universe within.”

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