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North Myrtle Beach
Prescella Duke

North Myrtle Beach Memorial Day Weekend Mashup

We all love a good backyard barbecue for a long three-day weekend but what if you’re wanting to do something a little bit more exciting? There are many options to choose from up and down the Grand Strand but not all events are worth the extra time and effort to fight traffic. If you’re going to leave the house then we had better make it worth it!

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ocean tides
Grand Strand Ecology & Oceanography
Meara Kelly

Tides of North Myrtle Beach

Here in North Myrtle Beach, we experience semidiurnal tides. This means that every
day, the tides cycle through two highs and two lows that occur at around the same

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Myrtle Beach Travel Park
Campgrounds & RV Resorts
Elyse Ritson

Myrtle Beach Travel Park

Looking to visit Myrtle Beach and want to stay somewhere that offers great amenities, outdoor activities, and ocean front property? Look no further than Myrtle Beach Travel Park located at 10108 Kings Rd, Myrtle Beach.

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