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Kayaking From Waties Island

Myrtle Beach is nestled in the heart of South Carolina along the Atlantic Coast. This beautiful beach is an impressive 60-miles long, leaving a lot to be explored and discovered! Myrtle Beach is lined with fun amusement parks such as the Family Kingdom, as well as shopping strips, restaurants, and cute markets. Yet, for most holiday makers visiting Myrtle Beach, they want to have a unique and memorable experience away from the crowd. One of the most popular activities is Kayaking through stunning Myrtle Beach. If you’re going to explore South Carolina’s natural beauty in the great outdoors, read on to find out more!

Learn some tips & techniques on choosing the right paddle, properly holding your paddle, and a few basic paddling strokes to make you a more efficient kayaker and enhance your kayaking experience.

Myrtle Beach Kayak Tours